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Honey Creek Market is proud to offer healthy food at an affordable price. We have teamed with Unfi and Certco to bring you the best variety and value possible. We have taken requests from you, the customer and hand picked the items we carry. Our selection is continuously evolving, allowing Honey Creek Market to be at the forefront of good food! Please continue to check in with us and see our new products!

Willow Creek Farms

Willow Creek Farms’ products are now available at Honey Creek Market! Raised locally by Tony and Sue Renger, Willow Creek Farm’s purebred Berkshire pork is of the highest quality and tastes great!  

Local Products

Honey Creek Market takes pride in being able to provide fresh local products to our customers! Buying small supports the local economy and ensures fresh product. We have local honey, maple syrup, and other seasonal items that are supplied from small local farms and businesses. If you or someone you know are interested in supplying Honey Creek Market contact us today!

Angelic Bakehouse

Believers in Better Ingredients and a Better Process

Pure ingredients. Pure products. Pure quality. That’s what Angelic Bakehouse is all about. Enter our Pure Promise. In other words, our commitment to making sprouted grain products we happily feed our own family and proudly offer to our customers. So, the next time your taste buds have the pleasure of mingling with anything that leaves our ovens, here’s what you can expect.

We promise to use only non-GMO ingredients, pure honey sourced in the USA, and to never add any artificial sweeteners, fats or preservatives. We promise.

Better Ingredients Start With Better Grains

Angelic Bakehouse sprouted grains are whole grains in their purest form. Our proprietary process soaks our unprocessed whole grains at the perfect combination of time and temperature. The result is a natural product that tastes great. In other words, no cardboard aftertaste associated with whole wheat flours.

Angelic Bakehouse products are available at Honey Creek Market!


Lonesome Stone Milling

Lonesome Stone Milling began in June 2009 with the purchase of a grain seed cleaner. After cleaning crops for farmers for several months, an idea sparked to create a pancake mix from wheat and rye. Friends and family loved it so Lonesome Stone began selling it at farmers’ markets. In 2010, they bought a Meadows stone burr mill so they could grind thier products on site. This led to more delicious whole-grain products and partnerships with several of our nearby farmers here in southwest Wisconsin’s beautiful and fertile Driftless region.

Today Lonesome Stone Milling sells whole-grain flours as well as our popular pancake mix, cornbread mix and hot cereal mix. Each package is traceable back to the farmer who grew the grain and most of our products are certified organic.

You can find Lonesome Stone Milling products on the shelves at Honey Creek Market!

Visit http://www.lonesomestonemilling.com

Straka Meats

Straka Meats began as Plain Produce and Locker Plant on March 1, 1948.  Owned by Pete Goodman (Eileen Goodman Straka’s Uncle).  James and Eileen Straka came to Plain from northern Wisconsin in 1951 to work.  One year later in 1952 they purchased the plant.

The plant was used for chicken processing and buying and selling of eggs.  In the early 1960’s  James changed the plant over to beef and pork processing.  At the same time  he added the  large variety of hickory smoked sausages to his retail store. In 1976 James added a a large slaughter floor,  a sausage room, processing room and two large coolers for dry aging beef. This was done to keep up with customer demand.

James had two sons John and Jim that continued the family business after his death in 1980.  After a few years the name was changed to Straka Meats Inc.  Growing year after year they remodeled their entire retail store and updated equipment in 1999.  They have built up there customer base with hard work and dedication to making a great product.  All of the sausage products in the retail store are recipes that John and Jim have created and made their own.  They have won numerous awards with these recipes. They always were making sure their customers got the best quality and had great experience when they are in the store. If you are bringing in a beef or hog for slaughter or just stopping by to see the store, they have made sure that you feel welcome.  That is why people call Straka Meats their go to meat plant.

January 1, 2012 Jim retired after many years of hard work.  John and his son Andy have now become partners in business. Straka Meats is now a 3rd generation business that is looking forward to keeping our wonderful customer base.

Straka Meat products are available at Honey Creek Market.

Cedar Grove Cheese

Cedar Grove Cheese makes the best traditional and specialty cheese you’ve ever tasted – without artificial growth hormones (rBGH), animal enzymes, or genetically modified ingredients (GMOs).  Cedar Grove Cheese makers craft 4 million pounds a year of this great cheese.  Cedar Grove buys milk from over 30 Wisconsin farmers, all of whom have pledged not to treat their cows with synthetic growth hormones and some of whom are certified organic.