Monday - Friday 8a - 6:30p
Saturday 8a - 6p  Sunday 8a - 5p

1110 Main Street, Plain, WI    608 - 546 - 3331

Why be a member of Honey Creek Market?

  1. You have the right to attend general membership meetings, vote on co-op issues and elect Board Members.
  2. Your voice can help shape the future of the co-op.
  3. You are part of sustaining a great tradition. There’s been a grocery store here since 1918.
  4. You have the opportunity to run for a position on the Board, take part in policy discussions and serve on committees.
  5. You have the privilege of being a co-owner of a business that supports the local food economy.
  6. You have the opportunity to invest in the co-op through an ownership share.
  7. You benefit from member-only discounts on certain items.
  8. You only have to pay for membership once. It’s a lifetime fee.
  9. Your membership helps keep the store operating so that others, who aren’t yet members, can still shop locally and get healthy food at fair prices.