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1110 Main Street, Plain, WI    608 - 546 - 3331

What is a grocery Co-op?
A grocery co-op is a business that is voluntarily owned and controlled by its members. It is operated primarily for the benefit of its members to meet their mutual needs. Its main purpose is to provide food to the community at fair prices.

What are the benefits of belonging Honey Creek Market Cooperative?

  • The right to attend general membership meetings, to vote on co-op issues, and to elect Board Members.
  • A voice in shaping the future of the co-op.
  • The opportunity to run for a position on the Board, to take part in policy discussions, and to serve on committees.
  • The privilege of being a co-owner of a business that supports the local food economy.
  • The opportunity to invest in the co-op through an ownership share.

Is there an annual fee to become a member of Honey Creek Market cooperative?
Becoming a member is easy! Simply complete a membership application and submit a one-time payment for your Membership Share. There are no yearly renewal fees. Your Membership Share represents your ownership stake in the co-op and will be used to assist with store operations.

How much does it cost to become a member of the Honey Creek Market Grocery Co-op?

  • $75 – One adult household
  • $150 – Two adult household
  • $150 – Organization/Business

Do I have to be a member to shop at Honey Creek Market?
No, anyone can shop at the market.

What can I do to help Honey Creek Market be successful?
Shopping at the Co-op is a great way to help. Become a member. Share your time and talent to benefit the store. Volunteer your time and join a Honey Creek Market committee. It takes a variety of skills and people to maintain a co-op.